What is the NIE and how to obtain it?

All foreigners who have a professional or economic relationship here must have their NIE (Foreigner Identity Number).

The NIE is a personal and non-transferable identification number.

The NIE in Spain is issued:

  • through the General Directorate of Police, for foreigners with a residence permit,
  • or through the Consular Offices of Spain.

The procedures for obtaining the NIE can be done:

  • in person (in Spain or at the Consular Offices of the applicant’s country of residence)
  • or through representatives in Spain.

What documentation is necessary?

  1. Form EX-15 duly completed.
  2. Original and copy of the complete passport.
  3. Written with the information on the economic or professional causes that motivate the NIE application (Eg. Creation of a company, sale of property, etc.).
  4. For representatives, you must present the power of attorney that empowers you to request this NIE.

Public documents must be legalized and translated into Spanish, according to the official regulations that you can consult here.

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